Welcome to DE Contest 2017


The DE Contest is an annual contest organized across all DE states for students and teachers to participate. Each year, a different theme is selected for the contest and prizes are announced. During the previous years, we had themes like:-

  • “SwachhVidyalaya (2016)”
  • “Living Smart (2015)”
  • "A Peep Into My Future (2014)"
  • "Ek Idea Jo School Badal De (2013)"
  • "India Against Corruption (2012)"
  • "Is Technology Putting Too Much Pressure on the Environment (2011)"
  • "Discover How You Can be a Green Soldier of the Earth (2010)".
  • In the present world, drugs and addiction to various intoxicants severely affects the development of youth and their academics. DE program works closely with students, teenagers and their community in various states of India, hence this year’s theme, “Healthy India, Wealthy India” tries to spread awareness about the harmful effects of drugs and addiction.

    This year, we had around 900 schools enthusiastically participating in the contest. The students and staff enthusiastically created videos, photo essays, songs etc.

    The top entries from each state are uploaded on this website for viewing and ranking. Out of these videos, the top 3 nationwide entries will be selected based on the number of votes.

    The criteria for voting are as follows:

    • The time limit for the videos is 4 minutes. Videos longer than 4 minutes will not be eligible for voting.
    • How the video tries to encapsulate one of the focus areas of the themes like prevention and awareness about diseases, drug abuse, health, hygiene and environment.

    Please follow the following steps to vote for the entries:

    • 1. Register yourself to be eligible for voting.
    • 2. Please select your top three videos and answer whether they fulfil each of the above mentioned criteria.
    • 3. After viewing all the videos, click on the button “Ready to Vote”.
    Voting is Closed Now!