Technology Enabled Financial Education in Schools (TEFES)

Technology Enabled Financial Education in Schools (TEFES) was piloted in the states of Punjab, Delhi and Odisha through a game based measurement approach in the year 2015. This program focuses on building a standardized, scalable and sustainable delivery and measurement model for implementation of financial education in under-served schools through innovative use of technology.

The financial literacy intervention model is strategically implemented in Grade VII, a key transitioning year in young people’s academic and social development. Further, intervening at this stage of education serves to optimally prepare students to take the NCFE National Financial Literacy Assessment Test. The innovative pieces were -

  • Digital modularized content
  • Game based baseline and end line
  • Psychometric assessment tools
  • Financial Enterprise Workshops.

We have also developed modules for sharing with schools and teachers so as to develop a better understanding of financial literacy amongst students.

Please find TEFES modules in the below links:

English Version

Hindi Version

Punjabi Version